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Mobile Spa Services

Mobile spa services are currently available in Lower Westchester, New York, Greenwich and Stamford Connecticut.

We are proud to make available, in the above stated areas, our talented and professionally licensed technicians for on-demand/ mobile nail and spa services in your home or office.

  • · Personal treatments
  • · Wine & Spa with Friends
  • · Pajama/Princess Party (4-12 years old)
  • · Teen Glamour Party (13-15 years old)
  • · Sweet sixteen Party
  • · Bachelorette Party
  • · In-Office/Corporate
  • · Fundraiser Events

Personal care services are no longer just an occasional treat, but for some, a necessity to help meet life's daily demands and to bring comfort in a still-developing new normal of today. Contact us today for your next wellness gathering in a familiar environment and with friends your trust.

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